Excel for Visualization

Duration: 3m 3s
Excel as a Visualization Tool for BIO

FRx Replacement

Duration: 3m 13s
See how easy it is to use BIO and you’ll know you’ve found the perfect FRx replacement.

BIO: Anatomy of a Dashboard

Duration: 9m 53s
Using Tableau’s viewer, we’ll start with a dashboard and decontruct it to give you ideas for creating your dashboard.

BIO Overview

Duration: 5m 42s
Watch this 3-minute BIO Overview video to get an idea of what BIO and BIO Express are all about.

Gross Margin Analysis

Duration: 2m 54s
See how to use BIO to analyze your margins in just three minutes.

BIO for the Sales Force

Duration: 4m 40s
Take a look–BIO’s dashboards and reports give you the full sales picture at a glance.

Project Management: Executive Reports

Duration: 2m 58s
See how BIO can help you manage projects with pre-configured visualizations and reports.

Project Management: Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis

Duration: 2m 03s
Use BIO’s advanced reporting and analytics ad hoc capabilites to discover more about your projects.