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Business Intelligence Consultants–When Can They Help and What Can You Do Yourself?

On one hand, you hear that business intelligence is huge and complex, costs a fortune, and is totally out of the grasp of small to medium-sized businesses.  On the other hand, some vendors are saying, “Download this BI software and start using it now with no help from anyone.”  Who is right?  Well, as with […]

Everybody Loves a Graph–Tips for Graphs and Dashboards for Dynamics Data

As intellectual as we may be, as right-brained or left-brained, as analytical or instinctive as we are, nearly all of us are visual creatures.  Bright colors, bold shapes, and jagged lines catch our eyes before we even know what we are looking at or if we are the least bit interested in it.  So it […]

Using Business Intelligence to Manage by Exception

Business intelligence is used to develop insights into your business for better, faster decision making for greater profitability.  BI is used in both the financial and operational arenas to track, measure, and manage results as well as ongoing processes by aggregating hundreds, thousands, or even millions of data points and presenting them in a way […]