BIO provides a business intelligence platform that is optimized for Microsoft Dynamics. Other solutions, developed as generic business intelligence solutions and then adapted for Microsoft Dynamics, carry a lot of baggage in terms of cost, complexity, and maintenance that is simply not required for most Microsoft Dynamics sites.

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Many companies don’t know enough about BI or how they will use it to determine exactly what features and capabilities they need. BIO is an expandable solution that lets you start with a low-cost, low-risk implementation and grow your solution when you decide you are ready. By keeping the cost and complexity to a minimum, companies that may have considered business intelligence out of their reach have access to a complete end-to-end solution and can access the value of business intelligence sooner than they may have thought possible.
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Out of the box, BIO supports three visualization tools that can be mixed and matched to the needs of your users. BIOVue is the standard viewer of choice for BIO Express and is installed at thousands of sites and is used by hundreds of thousands of users. It is a world-class viewer that is fast and versatile and is optimized for high volumes of data. Strategy Companion’s Analyzer is a perfect tool for creating sophisticated, role-based dashboards and Tableau enables graphical analytics with the most advanced graphics available today.
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Some companies will want to customize their business intelligence solutions. Some will not. Pay for only those customization capabilities you need. Start with BIO Express, a low-cost version that allows you to make the most common modifications. When you’re ready, move up to BIO for Microsoft Dynamics which allows more extensive customization.
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What all of this flexibility and expandability means is that with BIO you can build a business intelligence application that conforms to your needs and your budget. BIO Express is the most affordable business intelligence solution for Microsoft Dynamics users. You pay for only what you need, when you need it.
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The BIO platform is based on 25 years of mid-market ERP implementation experience along with the requirements and ideas of executives and operations personnel of our customers. BIO personnel can help you implement your business intelligence platform using best practices that will allow for growth without the growing pains.