Business Intelligence Planning, Implementation,
and Support Services

BIO Analytics Corp. offers a full complement of business intelligence related services.  Whether you have your own IT staff and just need a little BI implementation consulting or you have no one at your organization who knows anything about business intelligence, we can help you tailor BIO to fit your organization and start getting the value from your implementation sooner than you thought possible.  Our services are performed by experienced business consultants – consultants who know the business side of BI as well as the technology.   BIO business intelligence consultants have implemented BIO at hundreds of client sites and deliver solutions that make organizations more efficient, more effective, and more profitable.

Available services:

  • Planning services: scoping and validating BI requirements
  • Implementation services: BI data migration, BI conversion, and project management
  • Training services: customized and/or group sessions
  • Ongoing consulting and support to enhance and refine your specific BI requirements



BIO’s implementation methodology leverages years of working with mid-market companies and the specific informational and organizational issues associated with their industries.

Our methodology is guided by the following principles:

  • Initial penetration of business intelligence into an organization is evolutionary.  In most implementations, we work to achieve success in a few smaller/simpler BI projects at the departmental level before adopting an enterprise roll-out.
  • Allow for a period of “self-learning” for an organization to achieve an understanding of the potential of BI based on its own experiences.  We give you initial training and then let you work with BIO before coming back to finish your personalized training.
  • Design to the issues of the non-technical end user.  BIO Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics is easy to use and even your most non-technical users can reap the benefits after a short training session. From establishing a company-specific “common language” to meeting the needs of all users—from the two-click user to the analyst, BIO business intelligence consultants will create a solution that will gain user acceptance and provide value across your organization.
  • Provide a rapid, interactive prototype environment where ideas and recommendations can be shown rather than described.


Proof of Concept and Prototyping

Proof of concept (POC) and prototyping of BIO Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics are important steps for demonstrating and the success, cost-effectiveness, and value of your solution as well as streamlining the implementation. POCs enable a coming together of the minds between client-specific opportunities and opportunities that are available with today’s BIO business intelligence technology.

The BIO platform enables a rapid prototyping environment with your own source data. We encourage our prospective clients to do a small prototype upfront to determine scope and costs while presenting the potential a BIO solution can have for their organization.