Self-Service Access to Your Data

BIO Business Intelligence 5.0—Get more value from your data faster!

BIO Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics gives you interactive, self-service access to your data, turning that data into information you need to make fast, fact-based decisions that increase your profitability and put you ahead of the competition.   BIO empowers you to get the greatest potential from the information in your business software, including Microsoft Dynamics as well as other ERPs, accounting systems, CRMs, and operational systems.  BIO is so easy to use that you will be gaining insight through your own reports and analyses on the first day.

Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics and Other Data Sources

Use drag-and-drop technology to create your own reports or modify out-of-the-box reports. BIO provides more than 50 pre-programmed reports—financial statements and accounting reports, sales and customer analytics, project management, purchasing and inventory—that complement your Dynamics ERP data and every one can be easily modified to suit the user.  The reports can be saved and made public or private and will populate with the most current data when they are opened.


The real power of a business intelligence solution is in the ability to analyze the data. BIO’s ad hoc reporting and analysis functionality lets you look at trends, causality, correlations, and outliers, and all with just a few clicks.  Instantly turn tabular data into stunning visual graphics that let you spot anomalies and similarities.  Get fact-based answers to your questions as you think of them without waiting for IT to create specialized reports.

Visual Discovery

BIO has fully interactive, advanced visualizations and analytical functionality that enable you to discover information in your data that you might not otherwise find. Change your display type from a bar chart to a cumulative line graph or any other visualization with just one click.  Filter the results and see a new graph.  BIO is also contextually consistent—change a report in one tab and all open tabs update.  Drill down in one panel of a dashboard and the entire dashboard updates for your new selection.  BIO makes it easy to comb through and analyze your data to find insights that will put your company ahead of the competition.

Data Integration and Consolidation

BIO’s full-featured data warehouse allows you to consolidate Dynamics and non-Dynamics ERPs from multiple companies as well as integrate your ERP data with your CRM and operational databases to get a 360-degree view of your business. So if you want to get a life-to-date look at a specific customer, you can pull together annual cost of goods and fulfillment costs, commissions, client-related T&E, marketing efforts, and customer service and support costs and graph them against annual life-to-date revenue on a single screen.  Maybe that high revenue customer is actually costing you money—you should know that before you negotiate the next deal.


Give your team role-based, secure dashboards that provide at-a-glance monitoring of financial status and operations. In BIO, dashboards are easy to create and enable you to integrate all sorts of information like KPIs, top ten lists, trends, statuses with visual alerts—whatever information you need to develop actionable insights.  BIO dashboards are interactive and context sensitive to allow you to spend less time crunching numbers and more time managing and getting the job done.


Nobody works in a vacuum and BIO gives you the ability to easily collaborate with your colleagues. Save and share reports and views and “paper clip” questions, comments, reminders, and other messages directly to your reports.  BIO saves the record of your discussion so you can refer to it whenever the need arises.

Mobile BI

Don’t be out of touch just because you are out of the office.  BIO is now mobile without-third party add-ons.  Available today on the iPhone and iPad, BIO mobile will also soon be available on Android and Microsoft smart phones.


BI That Works the Way You Do

BIO’s east-to-use interface provides interactive, self-service access for the exploration, analysis, and distribution of information.  Accessible from the BIO portal, Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, or SharePoint, BIO can satisfy the needs of the one-click user or the most demanding analyst.  BIO combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the control of banded report writers like SSRS.  Additional BIO features are unique in the industry.

The BIO connector to Dynamics provides the deepest and broadest translation of the Dynamics database.  Combined with value-added measures, a framework focused on usability, and attention to detail, BIO content creates more valuable end-user information and a more complete out-of-the-box solution.

BIO Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics is an unmatched, highly adaptable platform for deploying, modifying, and extending the solution specific to your company.

The BIO server manages the relationship between your specific requirements, the Dynamics data source, the BIO data warehouse, and analysis services.  BIO reduces the cost and turn-around time of customizing and expanding your business intelligence and reporting solution.

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