BIO® is a universal reporting, analytics, and business intelligence solution that leverages your existing investment in Microsoft Dynamics® and related key operational systems. The BIO Three-Point Platform enables your company to monetize the value of data with self-service interactive reporting, executive dashboards, and speed of thought analysis.

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BIO Analytics Corp. has teamed with IBM Cognos to provide the most usable, full-featured, and cost effective presentation layer. BIOVue provides even non-technical users with self-service interactive analysis and exploration, executive dashboards, and over 50 out-of-the-box standard business reports. BIOVue’s web interface can stand on its own or be embedded in Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint or SharePoint.
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Out-of-the-box Dynamics connectors go beyond traditional “keep the lights on” reporting and include valuable pre-configured metrics and KPI’s related to sales retention, customer acquisition, shipping performance document-line counts and much more. Over 50 pre-configured role based views, provide day-one value – and ideas to add your own user-designed value-based insights. Most important, BIO focuses on providing information in a usable and consistent format that ensures a smooth roll-out with a minimum of user training.
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BIO stands alone, enabling you to modify, tweak or even rebuild the solution to the specific requirements of your business, users and additional data sources. The BIO design and modeling platform puts the power back into your hands, whether designing a new roll-up using masks and ranges like FRX/Management Reporter or creating a new data cube that includes information from disparate sources. Advanced functionality includes account mapping for consolidations and currency translations.

The BIO Three-Point Platform

Whether you are using BIO for multi-database financial analysis, consolidations, and translations, to replace FRx/Management Reporter, or for integration with CRM to provide a 360-degree view of customer performance, BIO’s Three-Point Platform, encompassing a sophisticated but easy-to-use presentation layer coupled with a broad catalog of value-added content and a powerful design and modeling platform, will turn your data into valuable insights for managing your business.

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