Move from FRx and Management Reporter to BIO—Step Up from a Static Report Writer to BIO Business Intelligence

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In another lifetime, my group was responsible for creating and running reports.  I’d sit down with the VP of Finance to find out exactly what he needed and what he was using it for.  Invariably, I’d get a call the next day, “Sandi, I’d like to take yet another cut at this report.”  Or I’d sit with the EVP of Marketing to understand what she needed and I’d deliver the first report to thanks and smiles and a few minutes later—“This report is fantastic.  It would be even better if you could just add a column for…”  “If you could just.”  I grew to hate those words.  I’d have to go back to my guys and get the report re-programmed, re-tested, and re-run…and then cross my fingers.

If you are using FRx or Management Reporter, you may know this story.  FRx and Management Reporter are static report writers.  You write the report, test it, run it.  When you need a new report, you go back to the Report Designer and change it and run it again.  If you need updated numbers, you run it again.  If you are looking at the report and a light bulb goes on in your mind, you need to run a completely different report to validate your thinking or answer your questions.  And if you need information that is not contained within Financials, it’s time to open up Excel, dump data into a spreadsheet and try to make sense of it there.

The time has come to move on.  Do you go with another report writer or should you move up to BIO Business Intelligence?

These are three screens you’ll need to go through to create an income statement in FRx:

Create the rows:


Create the columns:


Combine the rows and columns, add other options:


With BIO Business Intelligence, you start with an out-of-the-box income statement and drag and drop rows and columns to create the report just as you see it on your screen.


You can use masks and ranges to ensure any changes to your chart of accounts do not require you to go back and change all of your reports.  You create calculations right on the screen using the many formulas or using the in-grid calculator.  You may decide to use traffic lights or you may decide to use a graphical visualization.

And the “you” here is you—not your consultant or in-house “reports expert.”  BIO provides self-service reporting.  Even your least technical staff member can create timely and accurate reports, advanced visualizations, and role-based dashboards.

And if you like the report you’ve created, you can save it in My Views.  So next time you open BIO, there’s your report with up-to-date information.


Click here to download our BIO/Management Reporter comparison.

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By Sandi Richards Forman, BIO Analytics Corp.

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