World Wide Metric

World Wide Metric

BIO Replaces SQL Scripts and Smart List for Analysis with Microsoft Dynamics

Major manufacturers and distributors around the globe count on World Wide Metric for a range of maritime and industrial products.  The company sells over 50,000 parts from four warehouses to companies that need quick delivery.  World Wide Metric uses BIO to manage inventory so its customers can get their stock the same day if needed.

The Need

Before implementing BIO Business Intelligence, Theo Contos, Director of IT at World Wide Metric, used SQL scripts and Smart Lists to pull data out of their Microsoft Dynamics GP system.  He did some research and determined that a business intelligence solution would allow users to easily access the data and really use that data to create insights and manage the business.  The company selected BIO for reporting and analysis with Microsoft Dynamics because it gave them the ability to dig into the data and manipulate it, slicing and dicing in a way they were never able to do before, actually raising questions and then finding the answers.

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The Results

  • World Wide Metric is looking at data in ways they were not able to previously. For instance, a user can see that a good customer stopped buying last month.  This and other analyses give deeper insight into what’s going on at a customer level.
  • There is now greater control over inventory. BIO and GP are integrated with the company’s purchasing system.  The purchasing system has algorithms to calculate when and how many items to order, but the assumptions used in the algorithms don’t apply to most of the items World Wide Metric sells.  So BIO is used in conjunction with the purchasing system to create order points for those items and to enable a review of specific items at specified periods to ensure the right inventory levels in the right warehouse.

“Fill rates,” the percentage of line items filled from the nearest warehouse per order, have gone up 7 points.  This not only saves money but results in additional revenue as well.  Some orders require same day delivery and if they can’t ship from the nearest warehouse, they often can’t get it there the same day, which would result in a cancelation of the order.  Higher fill rates = lower cancelation rates = more revenue.