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Studer Group

Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics SL

Studer Group® works with over 800 healthcare organizations in the U.S. and beyond, teaching them how to achieve, sustain, and accelerate exceptional clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

The Need

Studer Group needed an easy way to access the financial and project data in their Microsoft Dynamics SL system to achieve business insights and communicate those insights to their more than 50 client coaches.  Before BIO, they were producing reports and analyses manually, exporting data from Dynamics to Excel or using the ad hoc reporting functionality in Microsoft Dynamics SL, both long and onerous tasks for Lori Clause, Financial Leader for Studer Group.

The Solution

Studer Group chose BIO based on both a recommendation from their Microsoft partner, Next Dimension, and their own review of the product.  They liked BIO’s ease of use and familiar look and feel.  Clause is, in her own words, “not technical and certainly not an SQL expert.”  Yet she customizes the views for the account executives or “coaches.”  The other major deciding factors in the choice of BIO were its ability to connect to non-Dynamics data sources, something the company wants to do in its next steps, and its ability to grow as the company needs it.

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  • Coaches can see project profitability and results compared to budget in minutes rather than days. Coaches are using BIO to determine if they are under- or over-delivering on their projects compared to budget and can adjust accordingly.
  • Coaches can view high-level results and drill into accounts for even greater insights.
  • The Finance group used BIO heavily for the last audit, saving time and producing more accurate analyses.

Next steps

BIO Enterprise has more than met Studer Group’s expectation and they have plans to expand the use of BIO within the company to

  • Roll out to more people as Studer Group adds staff,
  • Connect with other databases, and
  • Begin to use BIO to forecast in terms of days as well as profitability.