Healogics, Inc. is the world’s leader in outpatient wound care management services and is the partner of choice for more than 500 hospitals nationwide. Healogics delivers evidence-based clinical medicine and is focused on providing exceptional outpatient wound care.

The Problem

Healogics has 42 reporting units and is still growing.  These reporting units are accounted for in multiple disconnected Microsoft Dynamics GP databases.  The company initially tried to used Management Reporter, but found it cumbersome and time consuming and incapable of meeting their reporting needs.  Ad hoc reporting and analysis was difficult and yielded inconsistent results.

Healogics was looking for a solution to consolidate multiple data sources and provide advanced reporting and analytical capabilities.  After an extensive evaluation of reporting and business intelligence tools as well as Excel-based reporting solutions, BIO business intelligence was selected as the best solution for the company.  BIO was chosen primarily because:

  • They were impressed by the easy-to-use visualization front-end, BIOVue, and saw it as a better-than-Excel interface.
  • Clinical data could be merged with data from multiple Dynamics GP data sources with minimal cost and complication.
  • BIO provided the best time and cost to value.

The Solution

Consolidate multiple data sources, multiple Dynamics databases, and spreadsheets

The BIO platform consolidates Dynamics GP data with data from I-Heal, Healogics clinical data system, and billing data pulled from Excel spreadsheets.

A Single Truth

Implementing BIO, enabled the company to establish consistency across their data.  Prior to implementing BIO, there were different standards for data entry and account creation, even across the different Dynamics GP databases, and some of the fields in Dynamics GP were not being used as they were intended.  BIO’s consulting team was able to pull all of the data together to provide meaningful insights.

suiter quote 1


BIO is used for both financial reporting and month-end clinical reviews.  Financial analysts use BIO to research variances and pull detailed transaction reports.  In accounts payable, BIO has replaced Smart List and Management Reporter.  Financial analyst, Audrey Suiter works with over 500 managers—mostly nurses, center managers, and physicians—who look to her to provide answers to questions about their data, which she provides quickly and easily using BIO.

BIO is also used to gather insight into the company’s operations, measuring key indicators like the increase in the number of would care treatments, the number of new patients compared to revenue, and the number of hyperbaric chamber treatments per location.


“Our user reception has been amazing,” commented Suiter.  “Data validation is instantaneous.  Month end is so much faster and we have more confidence in our reports.”

Suiter noted that the implementation was fast and seamless and that the BIO business intelligence modeling and design platform is extremely user-friendly.  She added that BIO had the flexibility needed to work within Healogics’ unique requirements and environment of constant change.

What’s Next

Suiter expects to bring the other reporting entities that do not use BIO into the system in the future as well as to add other systems like the Human Resources system.  “BIO’s adaptability will allow BIO to continue to meet Healogics’ needs today and tomorrow.”