Clear Result

CLEAResult Implements BIO for Consolidations
of Microsoft Dynamics and Other Data

CLEAResult, a rapidly expanding national energy optimization firm, partners with utility companies to provide a wide range of customized efficiency programs.  When a client utility company sponsors a rebate program on the purchase of energy efficient appliances, CLEAResult manages everything from designing the program to promotion to cutting the actual checks.  CLEAResult chose BIO business intelligence to help manage both the company and individual programs.

The Need

ClearResult needs to consolidate, report on, and act on information from multiple systems, including three companies using Microsoft Dynamics SL and two companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Prior to the deployment of BIO, this was a labor intensive and painful process in Excel.  The accounting and finance group would have to map data and then manually create roll-ups and summaries in multiple spreadsheets.  There was an ever present security issue that confidential data behind the roll-ups and summaries could inadvertently be passed to unauthorized personnel.  Adding to an already burdensome process, end users would frequently need the data in a different format, forcing the Finance group to recreate reports for those individuals.

The BIO purchase at CLEAResult was headed by Kristin Ungar, the company’s CFO who had worked with BIO at previous positions in two different companies.  Ungar’s past success with BIO, BIO’s self-service functionality, and the ability to secure the data were the deciding factors in choosing BIO for reporting and analysis as well as for managing energy programs.  BIO turns raw data into information that is essential for running the business.  “BIO answers the big questions that you ask,” commented Ungar.

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The Results

CLEAResult has fully implemented BIO for the accounting and finance group, streamlining the monthly close process and giving them self-service access to information.  BIO is providing real benefits, saving time and money and enabling insights that were not available before.

  • CLEAResult saves six “man days” closing the books every month.
  • Using BIO to consolidate data from the acquired company’s native financial systems eliminated the need for full system data conversion. That alone has already saved more than the cost of BIO.
  • Consolidated financial statements can be run without regard to where the data resides and properly takes into account the dates of acquisition.
  • Beyond financial accounting, many of CLEAResult’s metrics are time based and require consolidated information from the pre-acquisition period. BIO enables management reporting that leverages the entire combined history to look at trends in KPIs.  “It’s fantastic.  I can flip back and forth from combined to just what we owned at the time with just a few clicks,” said Ungar.

What’s Next?

CLEAResult is now ready to roll out BIO to the program managers (PMs) in the field.  Dashboards and some pre-programmed reports will be made available as a starting point.  Once the PMs are on board, they will have self-service, interactive access to the information they need to run reports and analyses and to make decisions about their programs using BIO.