BIO Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics Video Transcript

BIO Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics:  From P&L to Variance Analysis in 60 Seconds

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Sandi: BIO Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics allows even your most non-technical users to begin ad hoc analysis in minutes.  Starting with an out-of-the-box P&L statement, watch as BIO’s president and founder, Dan Schwartz, works his way to a consolidating P&L by market segment and then to a year-over-year variance analysis in about one minute with just a few clicks.

Dan: Keep your eye on the $31 million year-to-date total revenue as of October 2012.  If I want to filter this report and only look at it for a particular market segment, like institutional, I click institutional.  I now have $8 million in sales.  If I want to look at this view and look at my markets or my account segments going across, I still see my $31 million.  I could look at my markets.  I now have a consolidating statement.  There’s my $8 million for institutional, totaling to the $31 million.  If I want to look at this same thing but instead of looking at just year-to-date, I want to see year-to-date and prior year-to-date, I can simply pull that down and I can flag year-to-date and prior year-to-date.  I’ve now got my two periods.  I might want to add in a variance so I could simply go to my in-grid calculator.  I’m going to add in a brand new member over here and I can use a built-in function or do the math, either one. That’s the variance and I’m just going to say year-to-date and prior year-to-date and now I just created a new function and I see it went up $7 million in revenue.

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