BIO Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics Data Discovery Video Transcript

BIO Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics:  Fast and Easy Data Discovery

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Sandi: Some people think, after spending time upfront research and creating reports, that the project is done and the reports should meet the needs of the organization.  But the reality is that there will always be unanticipated questions.  You need the flexibility to explore the data in an impromptu manner to develop insights that enable you to maximize your organizational performance.  Dan is going to show you how BIO lets you start with a pre-defined report and discover answers almost as fast as you can think of the questions.

Dan: In terms of analysis, being able to pull some data to do some data discovery:  Even tho this is a financial report, a formatted report, if someone said, “I’m interested in your year-to-date sales of $31 million,” can you show that in some other way?  Maybe [he’d] like to see it by customer.  So I can easily come in here, under navigate, and we have this concept of dimension.  Even though I’m looking at financial data, I can still look at customers or financial data by customer.  In this case, it obviously makes sense for revenue.  So these are all “grayed out” or have an x next to them.  I want to add this to my view right now, so by opening up or clicking on customer, I’ve now added this new dimension called customer.  So if I were to take my total revenue–my $31 million–and switch it with customer, I now see my $31 million by customer, and if I sort it in descending order, I can tell my top customer was Rogers Superstore.  And that’s all from year-to-date information.

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