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BIO Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics:  Create and Analyze Custom Metrics

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Sandi: Leading businesses today measure their success through Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, and other metrics.  These measures provide relevant, timely, and actionable insights.  BIO Business Intelligence enables you to create interactive, context-sensitive dashboards displaying up-to-the-minute measures.  But the analyst frequently need to create measures on the fly.  BIO gives analysts the ability to create and analyze custom metrics in a single screen.  Let’s watch as Dan shows us how.

Dan: In this particular case, I’m selling two products and, instead of year-to-date data, I want to look at it as line segment data.  Here’s my $31million—I still see my $31 million, but I want to look at it by Pasta and Sauce.  So now I’ve broken it out not only by customer but by the type of product they’re purchasing.  Even though this is Financial, I happen to be in my Account segment so I could do that.  And then if I had another metric I wanted to add in, let’s say we’re interested in analyzing the ratio of sauce to pasta, again, remember that in-grid calculator—we’re just going to call it S2P—Sauce-to-Pasta—I’m just going to take Sauce and I’m going to divide it by Pasta and I now have a new metric.  I’m just going to format it, give it a decimal place, and now I have a mew measure of my pasta and sauce ratio.  So now I don’t even need to see Pasta and Sauce anymore, I just see my measure.  Now in my company I might have a threshold that it’s great to sell a lot of sauce because it has a higher margin, so maybe I want to identify those that are below a certain ratio.  We could easily add a traffic light and say for the Sauce-to-Pasta new KPI I just created, if it’s less than 2, that’s bad, if it’s greater than 3, that’s really good.  So let’s give it some color—red and black.  And let’s give it a symbol—we’ll just use a down and up—and I want to only put color on the symbol and make the symbol go to the left and I now just created a traffic light on that measure called Pasta-to-Sauce.  Now this is based on year-to-date.  Maybe I wanted to compare my ratio on this year year-to-date versus last year year-to-date.  So as of October 2012, year-to-date versus prior year-to-date.  Now visually, I can really start to see who’s going up on their Sauce-to-Pasta ratio—green this year topping last year.  Some you can see there is something good going on here at the University of Little Rock.  And then, if I wanted to make some phone calls, I can get some additional information—what do they have on open sales orders, what do they have on receivables balance, etc.

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