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I recently read an article online that started with the sentence, “Small businesses lack the necessary resources to implement real business intelligence solutions.”  Bolderdash!  This may have been true a decade ago, but since then solutions have been developed for small and medium-sized businesses that fit the SMB budget.  In addition, they are easier to implement and easier to use.  Less training is required reducing costs and time out of the office.  And there is an entire industry of consultants that cater to SMBs and are well aware of resource limitations these companies face, both in terms of costs and labor.

BIOPic1Small businesses may have some different requirements and processes.  For instance, in a small company, only a handful of people may initially have access to the BI platform.  Small businesses may initially rely more on the out-of-the-box reports and its use of BI may initially be limited to certain data.

But soon after implementation, many SMBs find that BI is an essential tool and its use spreads throughout the organization, saving money and resources.  Because business intelligence provides self-service reporting and analysis, there is no longer the same dependency on IT or consultants.  More important, BI allows users to be more efficient and more effective at what they do.  In a smaller business where everyone’s contribution is significant, making individuals more effective can have more impactful results.  And BI gives even the smallest organization insights into its business and environment that can lead to higher profits.

BIO business intelligence is a complete business intelligence platform, developed to provide big business functionality for small and medium-sized businesses.  Because when you get right down to it, most businesses, large or small have the same ultimate goal—to grow and be profitable.

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By Sandi Richards Forman of BIO Analytics, Corp., Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence (BI) Solution Provider

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